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The following list is the artists recommendation of literature featuring insects and also information about insects.
Alice in Wonderland.....Lewis Carroll  
James and the Giant Peach....Roald Dahl When James accidentally spills the crystals on his aunt's withered peach tree, he sets the adventure in motion. From the old tree a single peach grows, and grows, and grows some more, until finally James climbs inside the giant fruit and rolls away from his despicable aunts to a whole new life. James befriends an assortment of hilarious characters, including Grasshopper, Earthworm, Miss Spider, and Centipede.
Charlotte's Web.....E.B. White A pig named Wilbur befriends a spider named Charlotte, who lives in the rafters above his pen. A prancing, playful bloke, Wilbur is devastated when he learns of the destiny that befalls all those of porcine persuasion. Determined to save her friend, Charlotte spins a web that reads "Some Pig," convincing the farmer and surrounding community that Wilbur is no ordinary animal and should be saved.
The Butterflies Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast .....Roscoe

Episodes of Insect Life (3 Volumes)

Contemporary Insect Stories
Crickwing....Janell Cannon Crickwing, cruelly named for his twisted wing, is a lonely food stylist. He builds sculptures out of roots, leaves, and petals... and then eats them. But artistic serenity is not possible in the dangerous forest. The melancholy insect is constantly faced with cockroach-eating lizards, ocelots, and worse, food-stealing monkeys
The Buggiest Bug.....Carol Diggory Shields Damselfly Dilly uncovers a plot by a group of sinister spiders who hold a "bugliest bug" contest and secretly plan to consume the credulous contestants.
Sophie's Masterpiece and the the Spider's Tale.....Eileen Spinelli Sophie is an artist. She is also a house spider, but one that children will certainly cheer and not fear. The webs she weaves are spectacular--some are stars, or hammocks, or sun patterns--and her mama is very proud of her. When she grows old enough to strike out on her own, however, she is not warmly greeted by the world at large.
The Little Squeegy Bug.....Bill Martin Jr. The Little Squeegy Bug meets a brazen bumblebee, he longs for similar silver wings and a stinger in his tail. But a wise spider bequeaths him with his own identity as a firefly.
La Cucaracha Martina.....Daniel Moreton La Cucaracha Martina is a refined cockroach who doesn't like the hustle and bustle of urban life. Upon hearing a beautiful noise amid the city's din, she goes in search of the soft, gentle sound.
The Boll Weevil Ball .....Kelly Murphy

Redd, a very little beetle-perhaps "the smallest beetle ever"-has been invited to a big event: the Boll Weevil Ball.
Ned Kelly and the City of Bees .....Thomas Keneally

By the author of Schindler's List
Grasshopper on the Road .....Arnold Lobel

The Icky Bug Alphabet Book.....Jerry Pallotta, Illustrated by Ralph Masiello

The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs.....William Joyce

When the old lady falls ill, and her garden falls into disorder, the mythical Leaf Men must be called upon to vanquish the evil Spider Queen and return things to order.