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Time-lapse recording of the installation of "In The Midnight Garden", part of the WONDER exhibition at the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum.

In this interview Jennifer Angus answers some frequently ask questions and introduces the unique nature of the magenta coloring across the walls of her installation "In the Midnight Garden" at the Renwick Gallery.

A complete installation timelapse of the "A Wing and a Prayer" exhibit at the McGlothlin Center for the Arts Gallery at Emory & Henry College.

In celebration of the third annual New York Textile Month, members of the Textile Society of America will author Object of the Day for the month of September. Author Jennifer Angus


Dying of Curiosity

Jennifer Angus' "Dying of Curiosity" is an elaborate site-specific work comprised of 1,800 preserved insects arranged in geometric patterns throughout the Great Hall of Glenview, the historic home at the Hudson River Museum, in Yonkers, NY. This installation is part of the exhibition "The Neo-Victorians: Contemporary Artists Revive Gilded-Age Glamour," on view February 10 through May 13, 2018. Learn more at

Wonder, a monumentally intricate installation by artist and University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Jennifer Angus, is centered on a cabinet of ninety-eight drawers. Each drawer contains a unique scene that animates her medium: insects. In this video, Angus is in conversation with Chipstone Curator and Director of Research Dr. Sarah Anne Carter. Angus discusses the wide-ranging inspirations that led to the characters and narratives in her work, including humans’ flawed attempts to control nature, histories of collecting the natural world, and our ongoing reliance on insect products.

Looking Closely at Wonder
In “Looking Closely at Wonder,” artist and University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Jennifer Angus and Chipstone Curator and Director of Research Dr. Sarah Anne Carter examine several drawers from Angus’s installation Wonder. This astonishingly detailed work of art includes ninety-eight drawers, each of which contains a unique vignette composed of insects, Angus’s medium.

Artist Jennifer Angus joins Seán Brady, chair of the Entomology Department at the National Museum of Natural History, to discuss the brilliantly colored insects in her work, In the Midnight Garden, and the importance of insects to the natural world.

What better way to inspire "wow" than with exotic bugs? Jennifer Angus created an elaborate, floor-to-ceiling pattern from grasshoppers, cicadas, moths, beetles and other insects.


Wisconsin Public Radio. Veronica Reukert interviews Jennifer Angus;Wisconsin professor and artist whose work using exotic insects from around the world is being featured in the newly opened Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian Art Museum.


Jennifer Angus discusses working with insects.

A time lapse of installation of Nature Observed at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin

There are bugs in the house! Jennifer Angus' piece features the most incredible insects from around the world in a statement about awareness of one's environment.


A look behind the scenes as celebrated Canadian textile artist Jennifer Angus installs a new exhibit at the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery using dead and dried insects.


Radio interview on Studio 360 with Jennifer Angus.....Kurt Andersen and artist Catherine Chalmers talk about how music, art, and literature explore the creative possibilities of bugs. Broadcast date April 2, 2004.
CBC- TV Newsworld - The Scene
Saturday April 8 or Sunday April 9 [exact broadcast date TBC], longer item on A Terrible Beauty, using extended footage from the Apr. 3 on-site interview Sarah did with Newsworld producer Sonny Mehandiratta. top



CBC-Radio, Metro Morning
Monday April 3. Garvia Bailey & Andy Barrie recommended A Terrible Beauty on Garvia's cultural events roundup.



CBC-TV Newsworld -Toronto at Six
Newscast, April 3, several minutes segment in which Sarah Quinton was interviewed in A Terrible Beauty. Producer Laura Thompson (The Scene)



Sun TV- Inside Jam
Thurs. March 16, between 7 and 8 pm. 1 - 2-minute visit to A Terrible Beauty. Sarah Quinton interviewed on-camera by Kirsten Carthew, producer and interviewer  
CBC- Radio Canada
TV-Channel 12, Friday Feb. 17
7-minute piece on A Terrible Beauty (48 - 55). Producer Serge Olivier
Metro Morning
Jan. 31. Producer Jean Kim did a five-minute walk-through of A Terrible Beauty w. Sarah Quinton. Radio broadcast at 6:20 am  

Radio One: broadcast over Christmas holidays, Afternoon show based in Vancouver targeting young adults; two hosts did telephone interview w. Jennifer Angus re A Terrible Beauty. About 10 min. long.  
CBC Radio - Here and Now
afternoon program Arts reporter Lupe Rodriguez did a 5-minute interview w. Jennifer Angus re A Terrible Beauty, broadcast 4:40 pm., Wednesday December 14, 2005 top


Written Word


INK Publications
June 2019, Vol 15 Issue 163 2019 Click here to download  
NY Times
De Zeen
Terrys Fabrics Blog  
Huffington Post  
Fast Companys Co.Design

LA Times
Article about "All Creatures Great and Small" installation at Craft and Folk art Museum Los Angeles

Sudbury Star
Article about Diary of a Mad Scientist and Obsessive Insect Collector
NY Times
Review of Dead or Alive: Nature Becomes Art
Madison Magazine  
New York Times  
Commercial Appeal
Memphis Online  
Craft News
Published by the Ontario Craft Council, Review of A Terrible Beauty by Marsha Wineman, Summer 2006 top



NY Arts Magazine

May edition, online arts mag
Reprint of review of A Terrible Beauty that initially appeared in The Downtown Grapevine tabloid. Author Toko-pa Turner



Democrat and Chronicle

Newspaper based in Rochester, NY/ Arts Section, Sun. Apr. 23, 2006
"Beautiful Bugs: Intricate Designs with Insects Replace Yuck With Wow":
Half-page feature review of A Terrible Beauty, w. 2 large colour photos.
By Toronto freelancer Mary Kinnessey.



Where Toronto
(May 2006) Sidebar mini-feature on A Terrible Beauty with picture, by intern Kirstyn Brown.  



Guelph-Humber Radix
Student newspaper. Short feature w. picture, A Terrible Beauty, by student reporter Isabella Topolian, Monday April 24, 2006.  



Toronto Star
What's On section, Thurs. April 20, A Terrible Beauty colour picture and extended caption promoting the Tom Mason/Sarah Quinton Curator's Tour.  



Green Banana
Early April. Toronto-based art and pop culture mag featuring alternative culture. Article on A Terrible Beauty by freelancer Kenzie Broddy, who interviewed Sarah Quinton.  



Women's Post
April 21, "Crawling up the Walls," Review with picture of A Terrible Beauty by freelancer Marissa Iacobucci  



Now magazine
Thurs. Feb. 23, 2006. "Angus Gets Antsy: Insect Visuals Give Real Pleasure," Review of A Terrible Beauty by Fran Schechter inc. b& w. image  



Downtown Grapevine
Community newspaper, February 2006 "A Terrible Beauty," review of show by Toko-pa Turner, incl. 2 b & w images  



Where Toronto
March 2006 Hot Tips, Galleries: "Bugged Out" mini-review by Linda Lluong, w. colour image, lead item  



(, Issue 10/April 2006, stylish British magazine.. about interior decorating, contemporary textile art: Review, "A Terrible Beauty", by Joe Lewis  



Art Papers
March/April 2006 Review of A Terrible Beauty, by Gil McIroy. Glossy, brainy, U.S. art magazine published in Athens, Georgia. February 2007,  



24 Hours
Review of A Terrible Beauty by Tanya Enberg. Published last week of March, first week of April.  



Posted Feb. 15, online feature on A Terrible Beauty by Siobhan Cole. "A Bug's Life, Toronto's Textile Museum puts on a display of creepy crawly proportions  



The Grapevine
February 2006 Inaugural issue has review of A Terrible Beauty by To-ko Pa Turner. This community newspaper focuses on the Grange area of downtown Toronto  



Now magazine
A Terrible Beauty is featured in a large ad to appear in Jan. 25 issue, placed by Live with Culture, City of Toronto  



Metro Weekend
Tabloid newspaper, extended weekend edition, Jan. 27 - 29, A Terrible Beauty featured in large 4/c ad, same as in NOW only colour, pp. 27  



Globe & Mail
Toronto Section, Sat. Jan. 20, "This Week" Sidebar on front section, "Bug Art" recommendation to see A Terrible Beauty.  



Globe & Mail
Sat. Review Section, Dec. 17, 2005. "Rooms to Make you Bug-eyed," Lead review in Gallery Going column, by Gary Michael Dault, w. large b & w. picture  



Ottawa Citizen

Sat. Dec. 17, Style Weekly Travel & Leisure section. Feature article "Going Buggy, A Terrible Beauty at Textile Museum" by Susan Lightstone. Illustrated w. two large colour photos and close-cropped details of several insects. Plus a bug rondel from A Terrible Beauty appeared in the hilights banner on the front page of the Section. Excellent review of A Terrible Beauty plus strong recommendation of TMC as a travel destination over the holiday, plus sidebar with TMC hours, admission  




Newswire service (online at Julie Mollins' review "Canadian Artist Bug-eyed Over Insect Wallpaper," was posted week of Dec. 12 - 18, online and on newswire.
We are told that the story was picked up by a newspaper in India, a Scottish newspaper.



Toronto Sun
Ran the Reuters story and picture in Saturday edition approx. Jan. 7  




Camera Press
& World Entertainment News Network, UK

Picture/press agency that supplies images to 50 countries.) Claire Boughey, dpty-editor, based in London requested A Terrible Beauty images, especially of the wallpaper.




Design Edge
new Toronto magazine for graphic artists, Small feature on A Terrible Beauty, emphasizing connections to wallpaper  



Toronto Star
(Saturday Dec. 17) Arts & Entertainment Section, Feature-length 2/3-page review "Where'd you Get those Creepers?" by art critic Peter Goddard, 4 colour images  



gallery guide, December/January 05-06 A Terrible Beauty was the cover image on this popular, free gallery guide circulated in galleries throughout the city over two months  



Eye Weekly
Mini-feature w. colour picture "Eye Candy" review of A Terrible Beauty by art critic David Balzer  



Your Source
3-page feature "Terrible Beauty," generously illustrated w. 6 colour images, written by freelancer Kate Regan  



Where Toronto
Visitor magazine, December 2005 issue Dance of Pattern (sole image) in the Museums, Art and Antiques section  



The Look
Fall 2005. Upscale fashion magazine published in Toronto. "Crazy/Beautiful," 1-page Q & A with Jennifer Angus by staffer Laura DeCarufel. Incl. two large colour images  



Review of 'A Terrible Beauty' by Toko-pa Turner, May 17 2006.



Textile gallery
Information about Jennifer Angus and her latest installation "Carpet Beetles: Patterns from the Orient" at the Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery.



Grand Forks Herald
Review from the 'Grand Forks Herald' Dec 5 2003, of the 'Bugs and Such' show at the North Dakota Museum of Arts  



North Dakota Museum of Arts
Photographic Gallery tour for Bugs and Such at the North Dakota Museum of Arts




Wisconsin Academy Review
Interview from the Wisconsin Academy review with comment by entomologist Phillip Pellitteri



Wisconsin State Journal
Review from the Wisconsin State Journal October 23rd, 2003 for 'The Observation Room'



Gallery Stratford
Media release for installation 'RELIC' at Gallery Stratford




Gallery Stratford
Images from the opening reception for the installation 'RELIC' at Gallery Stratford
Review of Eupholus Bennetti @ Tusk Gallery from Artichoke,Western Canada's visual arts magazine.


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